Welcome to the new Nipmuc Ski Club website!

Welcome to the new Nipmuc Ski Club website!

Welcome to the new Nipmuc Ski Club Site.

The site was designed to help serve two main roles for the club:

  1.  To provide the club with a public presence again on the web, showing our rich history an serve as a platform to market the club to new members and to the community whom may not be familiar with what we do.
  2. To serve as a “Hub” for current and prospective members.
    1. Allow members to sign into the site and sign up for specific club activities, such as slalom and wakeboard clinics.
    2. Find out club news and information via the Meeting Notes (which will ONLY be accessible by club members).
    3. Participate in club forums to discuss current club news or other skiing topics.
    4. Potential to purchase and manage memberships via online payment
    5. Potential to buy club clothing, etc online.
    6. Use the social media functionality of the site to share photos, tag people, etc.
    7. Plus so much more we could do with the site as a “Hub/Portal”.
  3.  The site should be updated on a frequent basis.   I do ask that anyone that wants to actively write or post things to the site to just let me know and I would be more than happy to give them a tutorial and access to the sites back-end.    The site runs off of the WordPress system, so its very easy to use once you know where things are.

I do ask that all club members please create an account to this site by either signing in via Facebook, or by filling out the short form which will give you a username and password.   Once you have those things and I verify you as an active member, you will be able to access the “member only” content for the site.

If you have any questions or concerns – please comment in the comment section!