Ski Show 2017 Huge Success!

Ski Show 2017 Huge Success!

The Nipmuc Ski Club had our second annual End of the Season Ski Show at the Club Shack on Sept 9th – and also took an amazing step forward yesterday as a club – performing a 21 act ski show featuring only Nipmuc Ski Club members for a large crowd and we absolutely crushed it!  

I have received numerous accolades from people that saw the show through Facebook and email –  with many people wanting to know when our next show will be and some asking how they could sign up to learn ‘how to do that’.

Thank you to all our skiers, drivers and support staff that spent their Saturday mornings at the club training and learning new things – many of which were ‘outside our comfort zone’.

I just could not be any prouder of our club and what we have accomplished this year.

Here was our act list:

1) American and Mass State Flags –   Mario Gonsalve and Sayge Trajanowski (Driver: Andy)

2) Barefoot –  Evan Fallon (Driver Jesse)

3) Nipmuc Flags:  Jimmy Kokernak, Helen Dems,  Will Dems, Olivia Beals, Liam Menard, Connor Huse  ( Driver Kevin )

4) Wakeboard –  Jacob Say ( Driver Andy )

5) Jump – Evan Fallon (Driver Jesse)

6) Swivel Ski – Reanna Kuzdzal ( Driver:  Kevin )

7) Disc –  Logan Edwards and Bean Edwards –  (Driver Andy)

8) Three Man Pyramid:   Kaylynn Horan (base), Ryan DesRoches(base), Elizabeth Fallon (Climb) – (Driver Jesse)

9) Wakeboard – Sevanna Sroczenski – (Driver Kevin)

10) Wakeboard – Steve Oberowski ( Driver Andy )

11) Ballet Line – Elizabeth Fallon, Brenda Fallon, Kira Horan,  Kaylynn Horan,  Reanna Kuzdzal,  Johnna Romanek, Kelly Kokernak – ( Driver Jesse )

12) Ski Drop – Ember Merrill (Driver Kevin).    (This will be dropped if not practiced at the club on Friday!).

13) Kneeboard –  Will Dems and Helen Dems ( Driver Andy )

14) Mixed Doubles –  Ryan DesRoches and Bean Edwards (Driver Jesse)

15) Kneeboard:  Logan Edwards (Dock start –  Driver Kevin)

16) Air Chair – Ryan DesRoches ( Driver Andy )

17) Boat – O:  Steve Oberowski ( Driver Jesse )

18) Mixed Doubles – Ryan DesRoches and Elizabeth Fallon (Driver Jesse)

19) Three Man Pyramid –  Ryan DesRoches (Base),   Johnna Romanek (Base),  Sevananna Sroczenski (climber)  –  ( Driver Jesse )

20) Trick Line –  Ross Hamilton , Evan Fallon,  Mario Gonsalve ( Driver Kevin )

21) 5 Man Pyramid:   Bases:  Jesse Reilly, Ryan DesRoches, Jessie’s Friend  –  Climbers Kira Horan,  Elizabeth Fallon – ( Driver Andy )

22)  Thank You’s/Awards –  Ryan DesRoches