The 2023 Board of Directors and Officers

President: Henry Coz
Vice President: Andy Gray
Treasurer: Dave McManus
Secretary: Sara Moseley

Board Of Directors:
Lee Sroczenski
Aimee Evers
Dale Blake

Alternate – Jesse Reilly

Safety Directors:

Jesse Reilly

Andy Gray

Lee Sroczenski


Aimee Evers



Jesse Reilly  – Class A / Class B Permit
Andy Gray – Class A
Andy Marks – Class A / Class B Permit
Dave McManus – Trained Driver
Lee Sroczenski – Class A / Class B Permit
Dale Blake – Class A / Class B Permit
Jason Cadrin – Class A

Ski Instructors*:

Jesse Reilly

*Ski Instructors, Drivers,  and Safety Directors are certified via USAWaterSki and must pass a certification exam.

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