Nipmuc Water Ski Club Gets New Jump

Our beloved ski jump needed major repair, after lengthy debate and many spirited conversations whether to repair or purchase a new jump, the Board unanimously voted to purchase a new jump.  In late 2019, the Board reached out to Bemman Custom Designs in Winter Haven Florida for the purchase. 

Bemman provide a quote for a “Tournament Ready” jump that meets the International World Water Ski Federation Regulations.  Given the complexity of the purchase, the Board was firm that the new jump would be able to meet all of the current and future needs of the club.  To that end, the Board had Bemman Custom Designs add several upgrade options and the new jump will meet the needs of the club regardless of the discipline (show skiing, long jump, 3 Event) The overall cost for the new jump was $47,530 plus delivery.

Funding –

The club had
been saving for a new jump for many years and had been able to save ~$10K in CDs in conjunction with very robust membership over the past several years, we were able to save an additional ~12K in our general operating fund.  From here, we needed to fundraise.  A BIG THANK YOU to Lee Sroczenski for all of his efforts as he was able to raise an additional $12K.  Bemman Custom Designs offered the club $5K in trade in for the old jump leaving approximately $9K left.  We were able to secure two no interest loans from our club members to get to the finish line.

In early March of 2021, we loaded the old ramp onto a trailer (graciously donated for use by Jay Cadrin)

As a side note – several Nipmuc Members traveled to Winter Haven Florida to attend Swivel Ski School.  During one of the training sessions, we were able to sneak over to Bemman Designs and see our Jump being built:

On Wednesday 3/31/2021 – Dale Blake, Jay Cadrin & Andy Marks traveled to Florida to pick up our new jump and returned with our new Jump Saturday 4/3/2021.

All in we drove for just short of 49 hours over 2,688 miles while using 277.8 gallons of fuel