Congratulations to our 2018 Award Winners!

The Nipmuc Ski Club want to congratulate our 2018 Ski Season Award winners!

2018 Show Ski Team Award Winners:

These winners were announced at our 2018 end-of-season ski show and were voted on by members of the show ski team.

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Rookie Of The Year
Abby Marks


Most Improved Skier
Ryan DesRoches



Nipmuc Award
David McCooey


Rookie of the Year – Abby Marks:   Abby joined us in July along with her dad and quickly became an integral part of our team. Participating in Jr. Ballet, handle doubles and second tier in our pyramids. She was awesome to work with and truly deserving of this award!

Most Improved Skier – Ryan DesRoches:   Ryan has been a member of the club since the early 1990s (when it reformed) and has served as it’s president, show director and member of it’s board of directors over the years. He is also a certified safety officer, driver and instructor for the club.

Ryan also wears many “skis” participating in slalom, wakeboard, airchair, boat-o and is the base for most pyramids and doubles acts. He also just went over the jump for the first time this season.

After close to 30 years at the club Ryan is proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks and can always keep improving!

Nipmuc Award ( for dedication to the team and overall sportsmanship )- David McCooey:  Dave started skiing with us just last year but has become one of our most dedicated members – always willing to spot, base a pyramid, or assist in any other job that we have for him. This year David also volunteered to be a judge assistant at the Show Ski Eastern Regionals, spending the entire weekend learning more about show skiing and how it was judged.

Besides show skiing, Dave also participates in slalom skiing, but is also willing to try something new.

2018 Ski Challenge Award Winners:

In addition to these winners,  we had many members get their Ski Challenge certificates this year.   In order to receive a certificate, the participant must show proficiency in water skiing by crossing the wake seven times in less than 60 seconds.

Seven members completed the challenge successfully on two skis and two members completed the challenge on one ski as noted below:
2 ski challenge:
Rose Bell
Alyssa Forbes
Wil Dems
Helen Dems
Olivia Beals
Evan Beals
Jamie Traverso
1 ski challenge:
Henry Coz
Ember Merrill