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Member Monday Spotlight: The Fallons

It was the #MemberMonday before Christmas, on all on the lake – not a boat was stirring, my mouth was agape!

The water was glass, and although it was cold – my mind turned to skiing, for I felt quite bold.

To my wetsuit I ran, grabbed my skis and my rope, when my wife turned to me to ask – “what are your doing, you dope?”

But to the dock I did run, now with Air-Chair in hand – I flip I will do,   I must, and I can!

Then on the water I heard a big splash, I quickly turned around and fell on my . . . butt.

Then what on the water did my eye did see – but Santa, his misses, a reindeer and elf! 

It was the Fallons – and a pyramid they made –  with Benda and Tom basing, and Elizabeth giving a wave!

To the jump they turned, and I heard Evan say – “I need to fly, get out of my way!”  

But as Tom and Brenda held on to the reigns, I heard Elizabeth yell –  “Stop it – No Way!

So around the point to goat island they did go, and soon they disappeared – and were out of my sight.   

And as I sat on the dock, I heard exclaim, Happy Christmas to all, and to now to our #MemberSpotlight! 

The Fallons

Our Member Monday spotlight is on the Fallon family of Brenda, Tom, Evan and Elizabeth whom are always festive, no matter what time of year it is!     

The Fallons joined the ski club about five years ago and have made a huge impact on the club, with Evan and Elizabeth both representing the club at the 2018 NSSA Ski Show Eastern Regionals in Jumping and Swivel Skiing respectively.    The entire family are fixtures on our show team, with Tom being one of our drivers and also a base for our pyramids, Brenda and Elizabeth participating on our pyramid and ballet team, and Evan being a very talented jumper, bare footer, and trick skier.   

The Fallons also serve a huge role behind the scenes, with Brenda serving  as our 2017/18 club president and now board member.

On behalf of the Fallons and the rest of the Nipmuc Ski Club, we do want to wish all our friends, skiing family, sponsors and community a very Merry Christmas and happy Yule.   

Photo credit to Diane Anton.  Special thanks to Jesse Reilly for driving the boat for these photos.    

Meet the Fallons

Name:  Tom, Brenda, Evan & Elizabeth

Age: Forever Young, 13 & 12

Hometown: North Pole

Skiing for:  About 5 years

Years in the club:  Evan joined about 5 years ago and the rest of the family joined  successive years

Ski Activities:  Evan says HE can slalom, trick, barefoot, wakeboard, shoe ski, disc, ballet, skurf, wakeskate. Elizabeth says SHE can swivel, climb pyramid, handle doubles, kneeboard, ballet, slalom, trick, disc, wakeboard. Tom and I can do some of what the youngsters do but mostly drive and spot 🙂

Favorite thing to do on the water: As a family hang out  in Reid Smith Cove on pontoon boat with family and friends  while swimming and listening to concerts being played at Indian Ranch

Goals for 2019: 

Tom: 360 on tricks

Brenda: base all girls pyramid

Evan:Front Flip off jump

Elizabeth: 360 on swivel

Activities outside of Ski Club: 

We all love to downhill snow ski and are active members of Ski Ward Race Team in Shrewsbury MA

Tom:day job: IT, night job: House Husband

Brenda: day job: Healthcare, night job :Kid Taxi

Evan: lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, just landed first job as a snow school instructor!

Elizabeth: cooking & baking, field hockey, drama

Advice to new skiers:  

 Practice, practice, practice – Tom

Put yourself safely outside your comfort zone-you will be amazed what you can accomplish! – Brenda

Don’t pull in on the ski rope when learning..keep your arms straight! – Evan 

Keep trying until you get it – Elizabeth

“Suffering builds Character” –  Family motto when skiing …. lol not sure we should say that but that pretty much how we run our ski sessions… 🙂