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Member Monday Spotlight: Abby Marks

Abby is one of our newest members,  just joining the club with her father, Andy, back in July –  however it feels like she has been with us for a LOT longer!   Abby was our 2018 Rookie of the Year with good reason –  as she has participated and learned so much in such a short time –  from handle doubles, ballet line, step offs,  toe-holds,  and pyramid climbing – where she is now the third tier on our pyramids!    Her attitude and smile are contagious and she is a joy to work with –  watch for big things from Abby in 2019, as she has quickly become one of the clubs rising stars.

Meet Abby

Name: Abby Marks

Age: 12

Hometown: Holden, MA

Skiing for: 2 years

Years in the club: Joined in July, 218

Ski Activities:  Slalom, Handle Doubles, Pyramid Climbing, Ballet Skiing, Dock Start, Step Off

Favorite Ski Activity: Ballet Skiing – Toe Holds and Seat Holds

Goals for 2019: Currently, I am working on Pyramid climbing at the pool, this weekend we worked on our 3 tier pyramid where I was the top level which was scary but extremely cool to be that high off the water.  When ski season starts this spring, I want to focus on ballet skiing and slalom skiing.   We have an old pair of trick skis that I want to learn to ski backwards on as well.

Activities outside of Ski Club: Outside of water sports, I really like to play Lacrosse.  This summer I was selected to play on the Revolution Club Lacrosse team and we have played tournaments at UMass, Brown and even took a weekend trip to New Jersey.  I am also part of my school’s running team and learning to snow ski at Mount Wachusett.

Advice to new skiers:  “My advice is – no matter how hard it is, you always have to keep trying because eventually you will get it!”