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Member Spotlight: Keith Menard

Meet Member Keith Menard:

Keith is our second member featured for Member Monday!  Keith has been with the Nipmuc Ski Club for about 5 years now, along with his wife Christina and children Liam and Izzy.   Keith is one of our slalom skiers, boat drivers, and also serves as our emcee for our annual ski shows.   Keith is also one of the main volunteers for the club’s “Learn To Ski” clinics, often helping to drive and lend instruction to new skiers.

Get to know more about Keith:

Name:  Keith Menard

Age: 29ish ( editor’s note –  he’s lying . . .   )

Hometown: Douglas MA

Years Skiing:  Since I was 13. I would visit my Aunt and Uncle in Arizona and they taught my wife and I how to ski at Lake Powell. I learned behind an 1,800HP Jet Boat!

Years in the Club::   About 5

Ski Activities:  There is only one true form of Waterskiing…Slalom. That other stuff is just circus tricks on water.  🙂

Favorite Thing to do in the Water:  Running the Slalom course, skiing with family and friends, and teaching other people the sport.

Goals for 2019: My goal for 2018 was running the entire course @ 34mpg and 15 off. With the season quickly closing my personal best was 2 balls @ 34mpg and 15 off. I guess that means my goal for 2019 will be the same as 2018.

Activities outside of Ski Club:  I play guitar in an original music band, the Lincoln Tunnel. I also Snowboard in the winter, brew beer, make maple syrup, and own a Travel Agency and Motorcoach Company.

Advice to new skiers:  Yes…find a ski with a back binding. You paid for the WHOLE ski, you should get to use it :).   Aside from that, learn to fall. When you are learning something new, you are going fall…a lot! It should become instinctive to get your arms over your face to protect your head in case the ski comes back at you. It doesn’t always work, but learning to fall can help prevent or at least minimize injuries. Also, focus on one thing at a time. When you are trying to improve, you can’t fix everything all at once.