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Member Monday Spotlight: Olivia Beals

Meet Olivia Beals:

Its #MemberMonday again and this week we are featuring a THIRD Generation skier РOlivia Beals! Olivia is the daughter of club members Jen Beals, and grandmother Linda Candela.

Olivia is one of our up and coming skiers at the club and is working hard on her slalom and ballet skiing where she has made huge strides this season. Expect to see a lot more of Olivia in future shows as she continues to try new acts! We love working with Olivia as she is always willing to try anything!

Meet Olivia!

Name: Olivia Beals

Age: 11

Hometown: Auburn, MA

Has been skiing for: 7 Years

Club member for: 4 Years

Skiing Activities: Slalom, Handle Doubles, Jr. Ballet

Favorite Activity: Ballet

Goals for 2019: I want to complete a Boat-O!

Activities outside of Ski Club: Horse riding, snow skiing, softball and school clubs.

Advice to new skiers: “Never Let Go”