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Member Monday Spotlight: Jennifer Beals

Jennifer is a second generation skier and mom to club members Olivia and Evan.   Jennifer is one of our great female slalom skiers, joining her mom Linda as well as Christina, Brenda, Pam and Kelly –  and is excited about joining the show team next season while she tries to learn the ballet.

Meet Jennifer

Name: Jennifer Beals

Age: 36

Hometown: Uxbridge, MA

Skiing for: 20 years

Years in the club: 4

Ski Activities: Slalom

Favorite Ski Activity: Everything!

Goals for 2019:   Ballet Line

Activities outside of Ski Club:  Mother of two amazing kids! Work, running, studying for GMAT and all sorts of activities with the kids including snow skiing and hiking.

Advice to new skiers: “Never give up.   I know it can be frustrating at times, but you will get it!  We’ve all ben in your spot and all of us are still learning!”