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Member Monday Spotlight: Johnna Romanek

Johnna is one of the most promising skiers we have at the ski club, only starting skiing for the first time last year –  she quickly learned the ropes and transition from two skis to ballet line practically overnight!    She is the winner of our 2017 Rookie of the Year award, and continued her progress in 2018 learning how to jump and step-off with the other members of the ballet team!

Meet Johnna

Name: Johnna Romanek

Age: 14

Hometown: Thompson, CT

Skiing for: 2 years

Years in the club: 2

Ski Activities: Ballet, Pyramids, Slalom,  and Jumping

Favorite Ski Activity: Ballet

Goals for 2019:   Swivel, barefoot, and go over the top of the jump!

Activities outside of Ski Club:  Volleyball and Basketball

Advice to new skiers: “Do not be afraid to try anything new”