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Member Monday Spotlight: Pam Jarosz

Pam is on of the clubs biggest cheerleaders,   serving behind the scenes on a lot of the clubs activities, including leading our sponsorship drives and serving as our organizer for all of our “Learn To Ski” Events.   Over the years, Pam has served as the club president, and has served (and continues to serve) on the Board of Directors, she is also one of the clubs licensed ski instructors.    Pam is an avid slalom skier and one of our cold-temperature die-hards –  skiing from early spring until late October most seasons.

Meet Pam

Name: Pam Jarosz       

Age: 55

Hometown: Webster Ma, formally of Worcester.

Skiing for: 35 years

Years in the club: 12

Ski Activities: Slalom, Trick Skis and Wakeboard

Favorite Ski Activity: Slalom skiing in the flat water in North Pond is as good as it gets!

Goals for 2019: Slalom dock start and ballet line step-off.

Activities outside of Ski Club: Travel, running, motorbike rides with my husband.  I am also a breeder of quality German Shepherds dogs.

Advice to new skiers: “Try is ALL! The more types of watersports you try, the more you will see what you are good at and enjoy.   Then pass it on by teaching others!”