Member Monday Spotlight: Sevanna Sroczenski

Sevanna is one skier that I love working with – she is the type that always starts off shy and doubting her abilities at first, but then, with just a little coaxing – comes out of her shell, shines and impresses us all!        

One of our younger members,  Sevanna comes from a skiing family, with her father Lee currently serving as one of our drivers and member of our board of directors.     We’re hope to see a father-daughter act out of them in the near future though! ( if Lee can find his skis! )

Sevanna came to us just learning how to Wakeboard, but we soon got her climbing pyramids, performing handle doubles, and learning how to slalom.   She is now a member of our junior ballet team and one of our more accomplished young skiers.     

Sevanna Top Left

Meet Sevanna

Name: Sevanna Sroczenski

Age: 10

Hometown: Webster, MA

Skiing for: 5 years.

Years in the club:  2 years.

Ski Activities:  Wakeboard, Slalom, Handle Doubles, Pyramid

Favorite Ski Activity: Slalom

Goals for 2019: Working on show skiing and slalom.   My goal is to learn how to barefoot next year.

Activities outside of Ski Club: Snowboarding and soccer. 

Advice to new skiers:  “Always try your best….you will have so much fun!